About ACM

What is ACM.

(ACM) Aluminium Composite Material has a Polyethylene core sandwiched between 2 thin 0.3mm aluminium panels. The result is a light weight sheet with excellent flatness and flexural stiffness, which is ideal for interior and exterior applications.

This material is used on building such as pack-n-save and countdown so the quality is outstanding and the colours are bonded to the Aluminium.

ACM Colour Range

  • Matt Black
  • Slate ( Dark Grey )
  • Gloss Red
  • Gloss Yellow
  • Gloss Blue
  • Gloss Green
  • Gloss Orange


Our ACM products are backed up by a 5-year Warranty for indoors. This stands us out from most of the other ACM panels on the market. We use commercial grade ACM allowing for this extended no colour fade warranty even in direct sunlight. 

They can be simply cleaned with window cleaner and a soft cloth or water blasted if outside.